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Reviewed 11/24/2021

This Mold House

Stop mold growth in your home

Mold spores will grow wherever they can find moisture. Select an area of the house to get some tips for keeping it mold-free.


  • Run an exhaust fan or open the window when showering.
  • Clean the bathroom frequently. Scrub any mold off hard surfaces with detergent and water. Dry thoroughly.
  • Fix leaky pipes as soon as possible.


  • Find and fix the cause of any water stains.
  • Set furniture slightly away from the walls so air can pass freely.
  • Check windows for leaks to avoid mold buildup on windowsills.

    • Use an exhaust fan while cooking or washing dishes.
    • Clean up spills immediately.
    • Fix leaky pipes as soon as possible.


    • Vent the dryer to the outdoors.
    • Fix leaky pipes as soon as possible.


    • Put a plastic vapor barrier down over dirt in crawl spaces.
    • Keep humidity in basements below 60%. Try using a dehumidifier.
    • Fix leaky pipes as soon as possible.


    • Clean and repair gutters regularly.
    • Make sure the ground slopes away from the house so water doesn’t collect around the foundation.

    Take this quiz to learn the truth about household mold.

    Sources: American Industrial Hygiene Association; Environmental Protection Agency

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