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Providers: Please be aware of the Medi-Cal Rx Reinstatement of Prior Authorization Requirements and Retirement of the Transition Policy for Beneficiaries 22 Years of Age and Older. Click here for more information.

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About Us

Gold Coast Health Plan (GCHP) is one of California’s premier models of managed care: The County Organized Health System (COHS).

California’s COHS model was established almost 40 years. It has been a pioneer in managed care for Medi-Cal populations. COHS plans are public entities, transparent in their operations, and unique in that they are authorized under federal and state law and created by county ordinance.

"I was involved in the creation of our COHS for Ventura County, Gold Coast Health Plan, more than 10 years ago. I am so proud of the growth and success of GCHP and proud to be the chair of the commission that governs the health plan. We operate a publicly accountable, locally responsive, and member-centric organization that is a model for the optimal way to serve vulnerable populations."

Dee Pupa, Deputy Director of Managed Care, Ventura County Health Care Agency
Chair, Ventura County Medi-Cal Managed Care Commission

The COHS model delivers care to the state's most vulnerable residents that is:

  • High quality.
  • Culturally competent.
  • Locally responsive.
  • Cost-effective.

The Ventura County Board of Supervisors created GCHP in 2011 to serve the county. In that time, GCHP has:

  • Developed programs that are uniquely tailored to the needs of Ventura County members.
  • Received many awards and recognitions from the state Department of Health Care Services (DHCS).
  • Re-invested resources back into the Ventura County community.