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Get your home ready for hip surgery

Are you getting yourself ready for hip replacement surgery? To set yourself up for success, remember to get your home ready too.

Plan ahead: Well in advance of your surgery date, ask your doctor or physical therapist for advice on how to prepare. Here are some of the changes you may need to make.

Hip replacement: Healing well at home

These five changes can help you recover safely—and comfortably—after hip replacement surgery.

  1. Stock up. Have plenty of canned or frozen food, toilet paper, shampoo and personal items on hand.
  2. Set up a recovery station. Choose somewhere you'll be comfortable (hello, couch!) and move any items you'll need often, like the remote, close by.
  3. Place everyday items within easy reach. That way you won’t have to bend down or reach up.
  4. Fall-proof your home. Remove throw rugs and clutter from your floor. Add grab bars in your bathroom to keep you steady.
  5. Avoid stairs. Set up a bed on your first floor if you can—or sleep on a downstairs sofa.

Source: National Institutes of Health

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Reviewed 9/11/2020

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