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  • Members: Has your contact information changed? Give the Ventura County Human Services Agency your updated contact information so you can receive important information about how to stay enrolled in Medi-Cal. Create an account at BenefitsCal. Learn more (English and Spanish).
  • Members: On March 31, 2023, the pilot program between Gold Coast Health Plan (GCHP) and AmericasHealth Plan (AHP) ended. All AHP Medi-Cal members are GCHP members as of April 1, 2023. Your benefits are not changing. You will continue to have Medi-Cal coverage. Click here for more information.

  • Providers: Please be aware of the Medi-Cal Rx Reinstatement of Prior Authorization Requirements and Retirement of the Transition Policy for Beneficiaries 22 Years of Age and Older. Click here for more information.

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New Members

Welcome! We are proud to serve you as a new member of Gold Coast Health Plan (GCHP). You were most likely enrolled in GCHP because you live in Ventura County and have Medi-Cal coverage.

In order for GCHP to work best for you, you'll need to seek care from doctors and clinics that are in the GCHP network. Keep reading for more tips about getting started with your GCHP membership.

Choose a Primary Care Provider (PCP)

If you haven't received one already, you'll get a GCHP welcome packet in the mail soon. It will have instructions you need to follow in order to access care.

One of the first steps we ask you to take is to choose a Primary Care Provider (PCP). A PCP is a doctor or a clinic you will see for all of your main healthcare needs, like checkups and sick care visits.

You will not receive a GCHP membership card until you've declared a PCP. To select a PCP, you'll need to:

  • Choose a PCP that is part of the GCHP network within 30 days of becoming a member. We will assign one to you if you do not make a selection. View our list of plan-approved providers.
  • Select PCPs for any other family members covered by your plan.
  • Let GCHP know which doctor or clinic you pick. Please call member services at 1.888.301.1228. If you use a TTY, call 711. Or send us your completed PCP Selection Form (English and Spanish). We will send you a postage-paid envelope for this.
  • Schedule a checkup with your PCP within the first 120 days of becoming a GCHP member.

If you're ever unhappy with the PCP you chose, you can change your selection after one month of being their patient. Learn how to change your PCP.

Some Members Don't Need to Choose a PCP

You do not need to pick a PCP if you're an administrative member. For example, you may have this type of membership if you:

  • Have Medi-Cal with share of cost.
  • Live in a long-term care facility.
  • Have Medi-Cal provided by Ventura County but live outside the area.
  • Have additional insurance on top of your Medi-Cal coverage.

Your Member Handbook and ID Card

You should receive a copy of the Member Handbook and a GCHP ID card in the mail after you've picked a PCP. Please bring your ID card to your doctor visits.

To learn how to use your benefits and access care:

If you need to see a doctor or visit the emergency room before your ID card arrives, that's OK. Please show the doctor your welcome letter and Medi-Cal benefits identification card (BIC).

You can get services from a Medi-Cal provider who accepts Medi-Cal Fee for Service (FFS). Please ask if the doctor accepts FFS when you make your appointment.

If you have a medical emergency before you've received your member ID card, call 911 or go to the nearest ER. Show the ER staff your Medi-Cal BIC card.

If You Have Additional Medical Insurance

Do you have health insurance through your work, parents, spouse or Medicare? If so, Medi-Cal will be your secondary insurance.

That means your primary insurance will be the first to cover the cost of any medical services you receive. Be sure to show all of your health insurance cards when you go to a medical appointment.

Please inform Medi-Cal of any other insurance coverage you have. This will help you avoid problems when you see your doctor or go to get prescriptions filled.

To update your insurance records with Medi-Cal, you can call:

  • The Human Services Agency at 1.888.472.4463. If you use a TTY, call 711.
  • The Social Security Administration if you have Supplemental Security Income or Medicare benefits. Call them at 1.800.772.1213. If you use a TTY, call 1.800.325.0778.

How May We Help?

Do you have questions about GCHP or how to use your benefits? Please call Member Services at 1.888.301.1228. If you use a TTY, call 711.