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Do I Qualify for Medi-Cal?

Medi-Cal is free or low-cost health coverage that is available to some Californians. It covers adults, families, older adults and people with disabilities who meet income requirements.

Gold Coast Health Plan (GCHP) does not decide if you qualify for Medi-Cal. For most Ventura County residents, the Human Services Agency (HSA) does. But if you have Medicare or SSI, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will determine if you get supplemental coverage through Medi-Cal.

To learn if you qualify for Medi-Cal, call:

You can also check your Medi-Cal eligibility online.

How to Apply for Medi-Cal

There are a couple ways you can apply for Medi-Cal:

After You Apply

It may take up to 45 days for the HSA or SSA to determine if you qualify for Medi-Cal. But you may still receive care while your application is pending.

To get care, you can:

  • Go to a hospital if you have an emergency.
  • Visit the Ventura County HSA's office. You may be able to get a temporary Medi-Cal card.
  • Get Medi-Cal coverage from certain doctors or clinics. Pregnant women and children can get this coverage.

Once you get Medi-Cal, your benefits will renew each year. Renewal will take place with no effort from you if you did not have a change affecting your eligibility.

Please keep in mind that:

  • HSA takes care of renewals.
  • SSA will handle them if you have Medicare or SSI.
  • You may get a renewal letter asking for more information. Be sure to return it by the due date.


You don’t have to wait to be a GCHP member to learn more. Give us a call at 1.888.301.1228. If you use a TTY, call 1.800.310.7347. Let us know how we can help you.