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Gold Coast Health Plan (GCHP) is a County Organized Health System (COHS) created by County Ordinance and authorized through Federal Legislation serving Medi-Cal beneficiaries living in Ventura County, California.

GCHP makes purchases and enters into contracts with a variety of vendors for goods and services. These contracts range from office supplies, computers, equipment leases, building and professional services. GCHP suppliers include firms, individuals, licensed professionals, contractors and others.

At various times, GCHP seeks to purchase goods and services and encourages all qualified vendors to submit bids/proposals. GCHP recognizes the need for vendors to understand how the procurement process works if they are to be successful.

Please review the following documents.

RFP Documents

Some RFPs contain links to Microsoft® Word and Excel documents. Please download and save the RFP to your desktop to access embedded attachments.

Bid #TitleBid StatusBid End DateBid Document
GCHP05282019 Claims Recovery Services Open 08/05/2019 05282019_final_rfp.pdf
GCHP05282019 SSI/SSDI Member Identification and Transition Services Closed 07/29/2019  
GCHP06262019 Desktop Hardware Closed 07/15/2019  
GCHP03262019 HEDIS Gap Closure Services Closed 05/09/2019  
GCHP040819 Printing Services RFP Closed 04/29/2019  
GCHP02262019 Enterprise Transformation Project, ETP, Consulting Services Closed 04/01/2019  
GCHP072718 Non-Emergency Medical and Non-Medical Transportation Services
(updated August 20, 2018, 1:26 p.m.)
Closed 10/01/2018  


To learn more about Gold Coast Health Plan, visit us at: www.goldcoasthealthplan.org